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If you are looking for our JAMB CBT Practice software please skip this section and move to the next.

If you ever need to conduct an e-Assessment, e-Testing or e-Examination, and you need a solution which would be installed on just one computer but runs on several other computers (from a few computers to thousands) then SmartExaminer is just what you need.

SmartExaminer is a 4-in-1 Computer Based Testing (CBT) Software package for schools, training centres and organizations who conducts exams and/or tests. This is best if you wish to have multiple client (from a few to thousands) taking the same exam or test (or even different exams and/or tests) in a networked environment.

SmartExaminer allows you to build your own questions and settings for your exam. You can manage exams and examinees from the Manager application and send commands and receive feedback to and fro client computers respectively. SmartExaminer is an intranet application with out of the box features. However, it can also be customized to run over the internet for remote exams. SmartExaminer is highly flexible and customizable to meet your requirements. For more information please visit the SmartExaminer website.


Welcome to JAMB UTME Tutor!

It's good to finally anounce that our JAMB UTME Tutor Computer Based Testing Practice Software has been released. You can now prepare for JAMB in a similar environment and succeed.

It contains over 25,000 past JAMB questions and answers with full explanations...verified by the best. If you must upgrade your score, you MUST get this.

The application has been suited to serve for both PPT (Paper and Pencil type) and CBT (Computer Based Testing). You might think this software package is not for you because you registered for PPT, you will be missing out if you do not grab this.

This software has been verified by top professionals before its release. We had to take it through constructive criticisms and finally it has passed all.


Practicing for JAMB UTME Computer Based Test (CBT) Exam just got better with the release of SmartLearn JAMB 2015. SmartLearn JAMB 2015 comes with several added features, adding to the already existing in JAMB UTME Tutor CBT Practice Software, SmartLearn JAMB 2014 and SmartLearn JAMB 2013. Some of the notable new features are:

New Exam Modes - Special, Study and Ratelsoft Standard Modes
With these three new exam modes, your options of learning just got wider. Basically you are free to choose out of the five Exam Modes which method you prefer and at any time.
JAMB CBT Interface
The exam interface now looks exactly the same way as the JAMB CBT exam. This would give you more confidence in the exam hall, knowing that you are already familiar with the environment.
SmartMario Survival game
Seriously, who doesn't like Mario?. We developed a replica of your favorite game with a challenging concept. The game is a survival game and it utilizes same set of JAMB questions you find when preparing via the Exam Modes and it helps to improve your learning curve. Who says you can't learn while playing?
Several other improvements are - In question options, Strict Mode feature, Administrative feature for Profile maintenance (for Schools, Cafe's, Business centers), Improved views, More questions, Keyboard shortcuts and navigation.

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Do NOT wait any longer!

SmartLearn JAMB Mobile 2014

The long awaited mobile version of SmartLearn JAMB 2014 has now been released and is available for free download. You can now prepare for JAMB "on the go" wherever you find yourself.

It's no longer a matter of "i do not have a computer" or "there is no light to study". Hurry now and download the Mobile App. This is just another way we make life smarter. Visit smartlearn.ratelsoft.com or your favourite App store (Googleplay, MTN, Airtel, or neXva) to download the Mobile Application for FREE!!!

Application is currently available for Android devices. All other versions are curently undergoing reviews and their download links have been pulled down, please bear with us.

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